iOS 13 combines Live Photos combined into one video

There's a really cool feature in iOS 13 that allows you to watch a series of concurrently taken Live Photo's simultaneously as one long video.

I noticed this a few weeks ago when I was watching a Live Photo and it kept on going through the others I took. It took me a few minutes to realize what was going on.

As a bonus, you're also able to select a group of those same Live Photos and extract them as one long video.

This is a huge feature I hadn't heard about before stumbling upon it. I almost always shoot with Live Photos enabled in case something happens that I want to turn into a GIF later. Can't wait to see what other hidden gems are in the release.

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iOS 13 Photos wish list

iOS 13 Photos wish list

Photos is baked into iOS — it is the default image editor and one of the few apps you cannot delete. It is also the hub for all photos and videos across devices.

Photos is powerful because of its simplicity. It offers just enough power and the convenience makes it my go-to editing app.

As someone who uses it daily, there are a few things I’d like to see changed, in particular when it comes to managing files on device and using video files.

iOS 13 Camera wish list

While the Camera app shines in its simplicity and ease of use, there are several things Apple could do to improve it. While these often come with the release of new iPhones, there are things that could come in the software that need to be fixed. Some of these could be considered pro features, I think the general user would benefit from having them in what is likely the most popular camera in the world.